Sarasota Shell Club

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Thank you for visiting the Sarasota Shell Club website!    

COVID-19 has been hanging around for about a year now, but that hasn't kept the Sarasota Shell Club from connecting with its members!  We have had some masked, socially-distances protocol field trips and our meetings have been conducted via Zoom.

Our very own Duane Kauffmann several years ago put together a history of the Sarasota Shell Club.  Attached for your reading enjoyment is that highly-recommended, must-read document!  Thanks, Duane, for putting this history together in one document.  (Spoiler Alert:  the SSC was started in 1963, making us 58 years young!)  SSC History

Check out the new Science section of our website!  You can access this new feature by clicking on the icon at the top of the home page and choose any of the four categories.  If you have "shelled" a beach somewhere, you may submit a short report of what you found (and include pics, we love pics!) and email to us at [email protected]


February 2021 Edition of 

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