Sarasota Shell Club

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Meet the Dealers who will be present at our annual shell show!
Company Name:  Seashells

Suzanne Marie Dietsch

Description – One of a kind Sailor’s Valentines and mosaic shell art by award winning artist Suzanne Marie Dietsch.

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Company Name:  Sue Hobbs
Description -- Specimen shells and crafting shells.

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Company Name:  Sharlene Totten and Roni Mucci
Description:  Jewelry.

Company Name:  Wired Wonders
Katrina Meyer
Description:  Wired art jewelry

Company Name:  Trees by the Sea
Peter Murfitt
Description:  Decorated Christmas trees and wreaths with items from the sea, such as shells, starfish, seaweed, and flowers made out of fish scales.  Peter will bring several of his popular and award-winning trees and wreaths to the show.

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Company Name:  Jean's Jeweled Tees
Jean Haughawout
Description:  Jeweled t-shirts.

Company Name:  Keys Shells
Don and Jan Kittsmiller
Description:  Specimen shells.
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Company Name:  MdM Shells, Books & Stones
Juying and Bob Janowsky
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Company Name:  Donald Dan's Shells
Donald Dan
Description:  Specimen shells, fossils, decorative items, books.

Company Name:  Paul Lamb
Description:  Specimen shells.
Company Name:  Raiders Reef
Bev Chounaird
Company Name:  Peggy Williams
Company Name:  Pamela and John Hamstra
Company Name:  Carlos Estevez